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alec baldwinScience has proven that your voice influences who people think you are.  In most situations, the HOW you say something carries 75% of the impact of the way your listener perceives you as a person and the situation you are in.  So we thought we would put you to the test to see if you could judge a person’s personality from their voice analytics.

We took three famous movie character’s voices who play aggressive sales people to see if you can match them up.  The three characters are:

  • Tom Cruise from Jerry McGuire
  • Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross
  • Leonardo DiCaprio from Wolf of Wall Street

We used our EmotiMeter to measure their personality, composure and temperament.  To see if you can guess which emotion graph matches each character, click here to try to see how accurate you are.

Do not underestimate the power of how you say something.  In a recent NPR show Terry Gross from Fresh Air interviewed experts on Vocal Fry and Up Speak.  They pointed out that both men and women use each of these voice techniques but typically for women it’s seen as a negative but on men not as much.  Being aware of how you sound and what impressions you are trying to make can be a learned skill.  The experts point out that people were not born speaking with Up Speak it was learned so you can unlearn it as well.  So if you feel your voice may be getting in the way of building relationships and closing more business, seek out an expert to help you improve your speaking voice — it will make a huge difference.