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Benefits of Simulations in Call Centers

Most call centers run through some type of role-playing during the on-boarding process.  This approach to training your agents is laborious and can pull good agents away fromcall center 2 the phone.  What is you could automate this process?

In this webinar, our presenter will demonstrate pros and cons of using simulation based training vs. role-playing to compare which one may be best for your agents.  You will learn:

  • How simulations scoring can be mapped to your KPI scoring process
  • How to embed both conversational and data entry into your training
  • Granularity of scoring behaviors down to measuring how much time someone spends on a page or takes to handle a call
  • How technologies like speech to text and speech recognition are used
  • Cost benefit analysis of traditional training vs. automated simulations

When: February 2nd

Fee: Free

Time: 1:00 Central

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