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Why use Mobi-RolePlay™?

  • Does your company require a conversation to close a sale?
  • Do your employees conduct conversations that impact revenue?
  • Is your company involved in dealing with patients communications?
  • Are you having challenges ensuring all employees know how to communicate your corporate messaging?
  • Do you have call center employees who take too long to perfect their conversations?
  • Need to practice those CRITICAL Conversations on a regular basis?

Then you should be using Mobi-RolePlay™ an easy to use conversation simulator designed to measure both What you say and How you say it using our EmotiMeter™ to measure your emotions in your voice when you speak.

“We enjoy the creative energy of the Knowledgeshift staff. Projects are always done on time, within budget, and with flare.  They know how to tackle cutting edge technology.”

Laura Register, Executive Director, careLearning