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The Best Inside Sales Training Role-Playing Software

Why is Mobi-RolePlay the best role-playing simulator for sales training?

  • Simulates real conversations (not just providing a response to a written question)
  • Works directly from your phone — simulating the same environment your reps are usingtwo people talking b and w
  • Cost effective
  • Nothing to install – All in the Cloud – No Apps¬†
  • Supports Global Audience
  • Provides immediate feedback to the user – don’t need to wait for others to review
  • Measure both what you say but more importantly -HOW you say something
  • Doesn’t allow user to re-record responses — You can’t do this in real life so why would you be allowed to do this in a simulation?
  • All tailored to your unique conversations

Now that you know why Mobi-RolePlay is the best simulator for sales training try it out for yourself.  Click this link to register for free access to our demo portal.